Welcome to Vezeto Vizslas

We were introduced to our first vizsla on a hunting trip in the mid 1990s. We were impressed by this medium sized dog that had a superior nose and high-class hunting ability. And so it began, our first vizsla, Max, joined our family in 1999.

Our vizslas have always been a part of our family and spend many hours each year in the field with us as our hunting companions. We participate in AKC hunt tests and field trials with our vizsla family. We have been members of the Hawkeye Vizsla Club and Nebraska Vizsla Club.

We are dedicated to raising, training and breeding vizslas to produce healthy dogs that showcase their power and hunting drive along with their trainability and temperament that will excel both in the field and in the show ring. Any of our breedings are done with the purpose of improving the breed. Our dogs are proven in the field with all of the recommended health checks completed before breeding them.

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